Spring Showers.





Potted Orange Tulips with Bows

Orange Tuplis

Orange Tulips Thank-You Gift

Flowers as Gifts and Decorations for a shower

It’s that time of year…it’s shower season, and I’m not talking about the rain.  More like bridal showers for all those  spring /summer weddings that are about to fill up your weekends.

For the most part the shower gifts are not much of a challenge, as there is normally a well thought out registry or two that points guests in the right direction. It makes picking out gifts for bride to be fairly easy.  It’s those Thanks You gifts for the guests that are a bigger challenge in my opinion. Bridesmaid across the city are all wondering what to give?  How much to spend?  A keepsake? Consumable?  Oh the options are endless and not easy to make. Especially knowing that your guests are likely attending several showers over the course of the pre-wedding season, how do you make the Thank You gift from your bride‘s shower memorable.

I’ve had several shower projects over the years but my favourite has to be the potted Tulips. It was a great gift, because it not only served as the Thank You gift, but also the decorations for the shower. It‘ was a 2 for 1 project. Over 100 galvanized steel pots of hand planted Orange Tulips, all with beautiful bows and tagged with a thank you note. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and these pots of Tulips just made the house feel like a garden.

This was a large wedding shower with over 100 guests, but no matter how large of a shower, it’s important that you have help to pull off a Thank you gift like this. It’s not something you can have prepared weeks in advance and set aside. Order you flowers and have them ready just a few days before the shower, store them in a cool place, but not to cold because you want your flowers to be in perfect bloom the day of the party and last for the next  few days or weeks when your guest take them home.



My Toronto Dollars Purchase, Fish and Chips!

I love Saturday mornings, it’s the best part of my weekend. That’s when I go to St. Lawrence Market for my weekly shopping. I pick up a coffee and head to the market for all the fresh fruits, veggies and other goodies my arms can carry.  It’s not like regular supermarket shopping, that is a chore. Going to St. Lawrence Market is an outing and an adventure. I have loose routine when I go, but for the most part I just roam all over and see where my shopping takes me. Every week I try to find something new to buy that I’ve never tried before.  This week it was Toronto Dollars. What are Toronto Dollars you ask? Well it’s money, but at the same time it’s so much more.  Toronto Dollars is a non-profit organization that supports business and community groups in Toronto. The currency encourages people to shop locally and reinvest in their community. It’s accepted at almost all the shops and restaurants in St. Lawrence Market and a few other places in the downtown area. When you purchase Toronto Dollars, 10% goes to support community organizations.

It was really easy, I just exchange my Canadian dollars for Toronto Dollars at the information booth in the South Market and used it like cash. Seeing I had already finished most of my shopping, I decided that I would treat myself to lunch instead and so I B-lined it to the back of the market and joined the crazy line at  Busters Sea Cove for some yummy Fish and Chips! So good!

So if you, or someone you know loves St. Lawrence Market like I do, pickup a few Toronto Dollars to buy farm fresh eggs, baked goods or amazing cuts of meat the next time you’re at the market. It’s a great gift for the community.


The Get Well Soon Gift.

I’m taking a sick day, okay so maybe it’s more like working from home seeing that I’ve already written over 30 emails, had a conference call and am reviewing a deck that needs to go out tomorrow. (Deadlines don’t care that I have the sniffles).
As I lay here on my couch and the pile of tissues next to me grows, I’m thinking…what am I going to do when this last box runs out? And the box of Juice in the fridge has only about 1/2 a glass left. It’s -30 outside. Yikes!

I live alone, there is no one here to go out and buy me more Kleenex or make soup for me. Forget the Get Well soon card, what I needs is a Get Well Soon Package STAT.

Here is what I would LOVE in my Get Well Soon Gift box.
Orange Juice no pulp, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Jell-O preferably lemon or lime flavour, some home made Jook soup (aka Congee) my mom would always make this soup when we were sick, a large box of Kleenex, face moisturizer, a jar of Tiger Balm and a bag of lemons.  Oh and maybe a gossip magazine and movie, I’m now getting into repeats on the Food Network and I can’t bring myself to watch Soaps.

Okay time for a nap.


I Love the Ballet!

The Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge, The Ballet

As a former dancer, I have a deep love for the ballet.  I remember going to see The Nutcracker when I was 5 years old for the first time and meeting Karen Kain after the performance. Talk about a little girls dream moment in life, meeting a real life Prima Ballerina! I was in awe.  Over the years I have seen most of the classics, Giselle, Swan Lake, Cinderella and the list goes on.  So I was really excited to hear that a new ballet that I’ve never seen before is coming to town. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet will be presenting their new ballet, Moulin Rouge at the Sony Centre in Toronto from Feb 11 to the 12.  If you have a ballet lover in your life, this would be really nice early Valentines Day gift.  And if you don’t have a Valentine, surprise your best friend or your mom with tickets.  She’ll love it!

Opening up Pandora’s box

My Pandora

Apparently I was a good girl last year, because under the Christmas tree was a box with something very pretty and I love pretty things.  Inside the box was a charm bracelet, and I’m not talking about your childhood charm bracelet that you made with your best friend out of plastic beads and string. No, I’m talking about a Pandora Charm bracelet. It’s gorgeous. If you have never heard of Pandora, let me open up the box for you. Just like the legend of Pandora, this charm bracelet is a never ending gift. There are hundreds and hundreds of charms to choose from.  Like the classic initials to the over the top diamond and black pearl drop charm and everything in between. Since getting my Pandora I’ve been to the website a dozen times, signed up for the Pandora club, were they email you the latest information on all the new up coming charms. You can design your own Pandora bracelet online and create a wish list to share with your friends and family so they know what charms you have, but more importantly what charms you want. The options are endless.  I’ve been home for 10 days and it’s taken a serious dose of will power to not to run over the Pandora store across the street from my office and peek at all the pretty charms. So thank you AD for my Pandora, I love it. And I love you.

Just 12 weeks till my birthday (hint hint) 🙂


Merry MAC Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Merry Christmas to me!!!

I’m back from the beach it’s time to get on with the year. So yes, I know, this first post is a little late as it’s well after Christmas and 2011 is a week in. I hope you will forgive the late start to year, but I was in a beach daze and the danger of getting sand anywhere near the new baby was not an option. Which leads me right into my first gift. I bought myself a MAC for Christmas! It’s been on the wish list for a while and I finally got it. Yes i’ve crossed over to the white side. And I have to say…I LOVE it. I’m really excited about the One to One training i got Thanks to Anthony from the Apple store for hooking a girl up, nothing makes me happier than a deal and discount! And as for the cranky miserable customs officer who threatened to seize my new MAC, well I hope you got COAL in your stocking this Christmas!!!